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The Only Tea That Fits In Your Wallet

How Much Tea Can You Fit In Your Wallet?: Our pu’er tea is compressed into 5-gram (. 176oz) precisely measured brick tea cakes. Each brick is individually wrapped in a fine paper to protect the tea and promote fermentation in your Wallet.!

Natural Tea: Lightload is a real leaf tea not the dust, fanning’s and powders most retailers throw in a tea bag and sell you. Lightload Tea has no added ingredients, sugars, tea bags, flowers or herbs- just tasty camellia Sinensis from the high mountains of Yunnan, china.

Thousands of years of health benefits: You hear all the time and read through historical texts the health benefits of drinking Puer such as, to remedy, weight loss, high cholesterol, blood sugar, unreliable digestion, unwanted excess fat, cavities, unstable sleeping and much more.

Unique Premium Taste: Lightload aged Pu er tea leaves are unsweetened but have a pure sweet taste and a woodsy-type outdoor aroma. Just like a good wine It gets better with age. Pu erh is a post fermented black tea that offers a large variety of flavors that mature over time. Need an energy boost? The high energy caffeine in the tea keeps you energized and concentrated for a longer time. It can be savored as an iced tea or hot beverage.


I've been reading about Pu erh Tea, wanted a small size to try and saw your ad online. It's the perfect sample size. I tried the tea last night and enjoyed the  mellow taste. Thank you.


The tea was quite tasty and easy to store. Having lived in Asia I learned to enjoy tea without sugar and the deep and rich flavor of this tea was quite enjoyable.


The tea came today and the box is simply adorable, I must say.